About Spiked Nutrition

How Spiked Nutrition Started


Spiked Nutrition officially became a business in January 2020 with the formulations that Mike has been preparing back in college and perfecting throughout his 16+ years as a personal trainer helping people reach their fitness goals.  While studying physical education and nutrition in college, Mike found himself buying and blending ingredients himself to save on cost and to honestly know what ingredients were actually in blends.  Out of college and into the work force as a personal trainer, he found that most of the supplements his clients were taking were not the best.  A lot of these supplements he was running into were full of proprietary blends that were not giving you a clear picture on how much of a certain ingredient was actually in the product.   

After sharing his supplement blends with classmates, family, friends, clients, and industry leaders for a little over 1 1/2 decades, Mike decided to open up Spiked Nutrition and offer it to everyone.

Spiked Nutrition believes in blending ultra high quality supplements with honest full disclosure true ingredient labeling at an affordable and amazing price.

Spiked Nutrition's core principle is to Have Fun & Stay Fit.  We believe in a Spiked Lifestyle through proper nutrition, awesome workouts, and quality supplements to improve your everyday life.  Spiked Nutrition is dedicated to everyone that is balancing work/school, sport/fitness, family/friends, and social. We are here to educate, inspire, and motivate you, the consumer. We are not just for elite athletes.  We are not just for gym rats.  Spiked Nutrition is for all that is dedicated in crushing life goals.